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Take care when withdrawing cash from the ATM!

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Hong Kongers are being advised to exercise caution when using ATMs after an incident at Citigate outlet mall in Tung Chung this week.

Tung Chung resident Joanne Low shared her experience on the Tung Chung Community page on Facebook after she attempted to make a withdrawal from the HSBC ATM near the north entrance of the shopping centre, next to Sasa, on Thursday July 13.

“I made a withdrawal at the Citygate ATM… and the transaction was rejected according to the slip that comes out. I made another immediate withdrawal of a lesser amount thinking that the machine might be low on cash and that was a successful transaction.”

After checking the ATM receipt however, Joanne realised that her bank account had been charged for both transactions, despite only successfully withdrawing money once.

After contacting HSBC and Hang Seng, with whom she holds the account, a representative told her that these occurrences are “quite common,” and she would not be able to get her money back until an investigation was carried out.

Joanne is urging the community to always check their receipts and “don’t just assume that ATM is always right! If I had not checked my account immediately, I would have definitely not have remembered this case at all!”

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