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Bus crashes into tree opposite temporary bus terminus

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A bus travelling towards the south end of Discovery Bay collided with a tree and metal railings this morning (Friday July 14), causing significant damage to the vehicle and leaving quite a dent in the tree.

The incident happened at 11.10am as the T9 bus was approaching the stop opposite the temporary bus terminus. Witnesses outside Glamour Court described hearing a loud bang as the bus hit the tree and said that the bus continued for roughly 30 feet down the road, trailing debris and leaking oil.

DB residents Chloe Jury and Caroline Hughes were sitting on a bench nearby when the collision occurred.

“Nothing happened prior to it,” said Chloe. “There was just a bang and then he stopped.” “It wasn’t a very full bus,” Caroline continued, “which is good because if it had been full or people were standing up they would have gone flying.”

The door of the bus was able to open to let people off, however one side remained jammed shut due to the damage. No one appeared to be injured at the time. The bus suffered severe damage on its front left corner, a smashed windscreen and a broken LED sign.

Traffic cones and caution tape were quickly set up to divert traffic around the debris and the broken-down bus. The scene was cleared within 20 minutes and traffic was able to continue as normal.

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