Tung Chung

About The Area

Tung Chung, meaning 'eastern stream', is an area situated on the north-western coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong. One of the latest generations of new towns in Hong Kong, Tung Chung was formerly a rural village and a major defence stronghold against pirates and foreign military during the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Nowadays Tung Chung is a truly modern town, with with a plethora of shops and restaurants and a number of high-rise residential buildings. Excellent transport links make Tung Chung a popular place for commuters, with Hong Kong Island just a half an hour ride away on the MTR system, and Hong Kong Airport just 15 minutes away by bus. Buses and ferries also provide links to South Lantau, Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, the New Territories and even mainland China.

Tung Chung is a popular choice with families looking for a community feel. Recreation facilities abound in the town with cycle tracks, a public swimming pool, parks and a community centre to name just a few. Many buildings also have clubhouses for residents, with outdoor pools and gym facilities.

Tung Chung Town Centre

Hikes in the area

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Along the northern coast of Lantau is a path that goes from Tung Chung to Tai O. For the most part, the hike is paved making it great for beginners. Leading you to Hong Kong's "Venice of the Orient", the hike is a great alternative for those that want to pass mangroves and bays and enjoy the views on the way to the old fishing village.
To begin, head to Yat Tung Estate and walk along Yu Tung Road, where you will reach a set of steps to your right that will lead you towards Tung Chung Bay via Hau Wong Temple. You can stop along the bay where you can get good views of the town.
Continue along the path where you will see traditional Chinese villages as the Ngong Ping cable cars slide overhead. You'll reach a village, where a sign points towards the path of Tai O. The route is well signposted making it easy to follow.
Planespotters are in for a treat as before reaching Sha Lo Wan, you’ll reach a Chinese pagoda with great views of the airport where you can watch planes take off.
Following this, the trail mostly closes in with greenery. Watch out for cyclists as this route is popular for being mostly paved.
Upon reaching Sha Lo Wan, you’ll pass a couple of uphills that may prove challenging to some - however, as you head into Sham Wat, you will find a number of eateries that make the perfect spot to take a break, enjoy lunch and take in the gentle breeze by the waters.
You will reach a couple of climbs before passing beautiful coastal views and get a sight of the Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, currently still under construction. The footpath at this point of the hike is not paved so beginners are reminded to be cautious of uneven rocks.
Reaching Po Chu Tam, turn left and go up the steps to the North Lantau Stone Obelisk where you will get a spectacular view of Tai O. Walk along the coastal path which will lead you into the fishing huts and town centre of Tai O.


The Wong Lung Hang Trail leads you into one of the steepest mountain streams of Hong Kong with clear water and large rocks. Further into the trail, is the pool of Wong Lung Falls and the Three Dragon Gorge.
The trail is moderately difficult as you will need to do some light rock climbing, however take note that the hike is not a completely dry trek.
To find the trail, walk along the footbridge adjacent Pa Mei village, head down and turn right until you reach the “Welcome to Tung Chung” sign. Walk straight until you see a couple of road signs that will lead you to a left into Wong Lung Hang road.
Walk past Chek Lap Kok New Village where Wong Lung Hang road continues. It’s very likely that you will come across locals making their way down the hill with bottles of water as they collect fresh water from the stream.
Some locals make their way into openings towards the left, however, continue walking straight, past the vehicle road block where you will see signs toward the Wong Lung Hang Country Trail and Picnic Site.
Walk past the Picnic Site until you reach a water contraption. Turn left where you will find a slope into the lower course of the stream. Make a right on the dam, where you will have to do a climb to bypass the water pool.
You will pass smaller streams, however make your way into Wong Lung Hang and you will eventually arrive at spectacular views of the Three Dragon Gorge.

Community Services

Phone: 3661 1999
Fire brigade
Phone: 2988 1898
Accident and Emergency
Phone: 3467 7000
Ambulance Depot
Phone: 2988 8282
New Lantao Bus
Phone: 2984 9848
Post Office
Phone: 2109 0269
Public library
Phone: 2109 3011
Public swiming pool
Phone: 2109 9107
Man Tung Sports Centre
Phone: 2109 2421
Tung Chung MTR
Phone: 2109 2516
Blue taxi
Phone: 2984 1328/ 2984 1368/ 9096 0782/ 6286 6333

Medical Centres

Quality HealthCare Medical Centre
Phone: 2403 6623
Human Health Integrated Medical Centre Tung Chung Crescent
Phone: 2109 2288
Human Health Medical Centre Tung Chung MTR
Phone: 2109 2711
Raffles Medical Centre
Phone: 2261 2626
North Lantau Hospital
Phone: 3467 7000

Pet Medical Centres

Tung Chung Animal Clinic
Phone: 2988 1534
Tung Chung Vet Centre
Phone: 2328 7282

Recreation Clubs

Caribbean Coast Club House
Phone: 2109 9277
Coastal Skyline Club House
Phone: 2179 6678
Seaview Crescent Club House
Phone: 3473 8700
Tung Chung Crescent Club House
Phone: 2403 6770


Taste Citygate
Phone: 2109 4489
Wellcome Fu Tung
Phone: 2109 1063
Wellcome Yat Tung
Phone: 3141 7059


Phone: 2109 3332
Shun Yu Engineering
Phone: 2988 1488