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“DB is one of the pioneer properties to join this pilot scheme rolled out by the EPD to help progressively tackle the challenge of domestic food waste recycling,” Cary Wan, Senior Environmental Protection Officer of EPD says.

2022! New Year Reset

“I think it depends on what you want in life. If you just want to chill, I’d go with the spa and the wine,” says Susan, whose small wine fridge peeks out of the kitchen. “But if it’s something deep that’s making you feel anxious or uncomfortable none of those things is going to make a substantial difference.”

Whole Body Workout! Ballet Fit!

There’s more to ballet than Swan Lake and The Nutcracker – not everyone who signs up for class aspires to become a professional dancer. It’s expressive, inclusive and a great route to fitness.

New Year Wishlist!

Whatever your Route to Fitness in 2022, Escapade Sports can help you get ther