Dead body found off Cheung Sha beach

As reported by SCMP today (June 5), a Lantau villager found the body of a dead woman off Cheung Sha Beach on Lantau Island this morning.
The dead body was spotted floating outside Cheung Sha Ha Tsuen on South Lantau Road at around 6:45am this morning. As reported by SCMP, “there were injuries on the body and bruises were also found on her limbs”.
The woman had short hair, was wearing blue shorts and a beige T-shirt. She was barefoot but a pair of white sports shoes were later recovered from the waves." The police estimated the woman to be in her 30s but no ID card or other proof of identification were found.  
The case is being treated as a “dead body found” as Lantau police investigate.
If you have any information on this, you need to call 3661 1999

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