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Kellett School will be adding a new bus route from Central Ferry Pier to its Kowloon Bay Campus in August. Established in 1976 and one of Hong Kong’s leading international schools, Kellett School is a co-ed, through-train school with campuses on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon Bay.

‘Being ready’ is not about a set of skills you need to make sure your child has before they start kindergarten. It is about preparing your child for this next transition in their lives so you can ensure that kindergarten is a positive and enriching experience for them.

As adults we are aware of the impact our emotional wellbeing has on our work, so we can’t be surprised that the same is true for our children whose primary job is to be a student. The Second Step® programme at Stamford American School Hong Kong supports students holistically by developing essential socio- emotional skills that they will need to navigate through life.

Disgusting food, harsh punishment and bullying after lights out. Only sadists send their children to boarding school, right? Or maybe that’s not the case. Are the parents of boarders, many of whom have been through the boarding system themselves, looking to gift their children more of a Malory Towers experience?