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Celebrate Father’s Day at Discovery Bay. Father’s Day Market, Selfie with Goliath, the Horse and Music by the Sea as well as several amazing Dine with Dad in DB offers at various restaurants.

A walk through newly renovated DB Plaza (and of course the gleaming new mall) takes you past, and likely into, myriad trendy boutiques and supermarkets, some with a Hong Kong-wide presence and some exclusive to Discovery Bay. We’ve detailed our favourites here.

To get a front crawl like Siobhan Haughey takes years of dedication and practice but the single most important skill to master has a lot to do with the way you position your head in the water.

When it comes to being committed to sustainability, Discovery Bay leads the way for many communities in Hong Kong. Working together with residents, Discovery Bay Services Management Limited (DBSML) – commonly known as City Management in DB – is dedicated to creating a ‘greener’ way of life by providing a variety of innovative green services, such as DIY recycling information sharing sessions, plant markets and floral workshops. As a result, DB residents enjoy a greener quality of life than they would in many places in Hong Kong.