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Villages in Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay is divided into a number villages, currently consisting of 14 residential developmental phases. Properties range from garden houses to low-rise apartments, high-rise towers of up to 24 floors and house boats. Amalfi and Positano, the most recent developments, constitute the 14th phase, with Amalfi still under construction.

Discovery Bay offers its residents a unique quality of life. Though DB is considered in Hong Kong to be a low-density development due to the amount of open spaces, it is actually the second most populous district (after the new town of Tung Chung) on the sparsely populated Lantau Island.


High-rise apartments
Discovery Bay offers apartments varying in size from studios to duplexes with 4+ bedrooms. Balconies and/ or terraces are common in DB. Buildings in DB have a maximum of 24 floors. Most of them offer great seaviews. You can find high-rise buildings in every phase of development.


Low-rise apartments
Most low-rise buildings offer garden apartments, traditional apartments with terraces or balconies and duplexes with access to the rooftop. Low-rise apartments can be found in most villages in DB.


Garden houses
European-style houses cna be found near DB pier, at the golf course and in the North of DB. House size varies greatly from smaller town houses to 5000 sq. ft. detached houses. Most of the houses have their own garden or yard. Some even offer private swimming pool and garage for the golf carts.
The most popular garden houses are located on Headland Drive, Siena 1 and 2, Bijou Hamlet (at Discovery Bay Golf Course) and Seabee Lane.

This luxury residential development currently consists of three towers, with three more under construction. Located above the North Plaza, Amalfi boasts a large outdoor swimming pool for residents and also enjoys concierge service.
The first phase of housing in Discovery Bay was developed in 1982. It consists of low-rise buildings and is very close to the plaza. Beach village streets include Seabird Lane, Seahorse Lane and Seabee Lane.
Developed in 2006, Chianti consists of five high-rise buildings: The Pavilion, The Barion, The Lustre, The Hemex and The Premier. Located at the north end of DB, the development has its own outdoor swimming pool for residents and each tower has concierge service. Three of the towers feature sky gardens on the third floor.
Located in the far east of Discovery Bay, close to the Peninsula village, the Coastline Villa apartments enjoy amazing views of the sea and the Marina. Completed in 1998, the development comprises 23 low-rise buildings. Ground floor apartments have gardens/ terraces, mid-floor apartments have balconies and the top floor duplex apartments have roof terraces. Discovery Mind Kindergarten is located underneath Coastline Villas.
Completed in 1998, Crestmont Villas is located in the east of DB, close to the Peninsula village and Coastline Villas. Crestmont villa consists of 19 low-rise buildings. Ground floor apartments have gardens, while top floor apartments have roof terraces. The village is centred around a pond/ waterfall feature which gives the area a calming feel.
Situated on top of the main Plaza, this unique development is within a stone's throw of DB ferry pier. There are four buildings in total: Blocks A to D, comprising 144 units.Built in 1991, these flats are sought after because of their prime location.
Developed in 1991, Greenvale village consists of nine high-rise buildings that are commonly referred as “The Greens”: Greenery Court, Greenburg Court, Greenfield Court, Greenish Court, Greenland Court, Greendale Court, Greenwood Court, Greenmont Court and Greenbelt Court. Located on the main Discovery Bay Road, the apartments offer good space for reasonable prices.
Headland village was developed between 1982 and 1986. It consists of both detached and semi-detached houses with gardens and garages. Some of the properties also boast private swimming pools. Rental prices at Headland village are usually in excess of HK$100,000, with sale prices in excess of HK$50 million.
A popular area of DB, Hillgrove village was built in 1986m and is located opposite the DBRC tennis courts, very close to the DB Plaza and the ferry pier. The devolpment consists of three high-rise buildings: Brilliance Court, Elegance Court and Glamour Court.
La Costa was completed in 1995. It includes two high rise buildings (Costa Court and Onda Court), offering breathtaking views of the DisneyLand fireworks and Hong Kong Island (on clear days), as well as a range of low-rise aparetments and detached houses. In total, La Costa comprises 319 units. It is located near the DB ferry pier and the main DB Plaza and enjoys a two-level children's play area.
La Serene is located above La Vista, and is accessible by foot from DB Plaza. Completed in 2000, the development comprises one high-rise building (Serene Court) and a number of low-rise buildings, centred around a stepped water feature. Low-rise ground floor apartments have gardens.
Completed in 1994. La Vista consists of a number of low-rise buildings plus the high-rise Vista Court. The village is popular among residents due to its proximity to the main DB Plaza, which can be accessed by foot via a set of steps. La Vista enjoys amazing views of the sea in the direction of both Nim Shue Wan and Yi Pak Wan.
Developed in 1985, Midvale village includes the high-rise buildings of Bay View, Clear View, Island View, Marine View and Pine View. Often referred to as “the Hospital block” for its outside appearance, the village offers spacious flats, many with panoramic views across to Hong Kong. Midvale village also includes the low-rise buildings on Middle Lane. Midvale village consists of 381 units (low-rise and high-rise) in total and is popular with families, due to its community feel and children's park.
Finished in 2000, New Horizon consists of two high-rise buildings: Neo Horizon 1 and 2. There are 219 units altogether. The buildings are located near the DB tunnel on the main Discovery Bay Road, next to Greenvale village. The development features a 'hole' in the middle of the two towers, following the feng shui belief of allowing dragons to pass through from the mountains to the sea.
Developed between 1982 and 1986, Parkridge village includes four high-rise buildings (Starview, Seaview, Sunrise, and Mountain View), as well as seven low-rise buildings on Parkland Drive. The high-rise buildings remain some of the cheapest buildings in DB to rent or buy an apartment.
Parkvale village, developed in 1986, consists of five high-rise buildings, namely the Woods (Woodbury, Woodgreen, Woodland Court) as well as Crystal Court and Coral Court. The development also includes low-rise buildings on Parkvale Drive. The units are all within in walking distance of DB Plaza.
Located on the east side of DB, Peninsula Village was completed in 1998, more than 10 years after phases 1 to 3. It includes Caperidge Drive and Capeland Drive, which consist of low-rise buildings, with ground floor apartments enjoying gardens. Many apartments have sea views. The area also includes a number high-rise buildings: Blossom Court, Cherish Court, Jovial Court, Haven Court, Verdant Court. Because of their location, many high-rise apartments boast impressive sea views. The apartments range in size and from small to medium sized units, as well as a number of knocked-through double units.
Developed in 2014, Positano is located opposite Amalfi and Chianti, at the north end of DB. Each low-rise buildings contains three levels, with duplex apartments on each. Ground floor apartments boast gardens and swimming pools, while top floor apartments have roof terraces feautring private infinity pools.
Siena One consists mainly of low-rise buildings and garden houses. It is located next to Club Siena, which offers activities for children and adults and features an impressive outdoor swimming pool. Discovery College is also located nearby. The development also includes two high-rise buildings: Crestline Mansion and Skyline Mansion, which offer pretty views over Central (also known as Siena) Park, the largest park in DB, with a lake, grassed areas and a large children's playground.
Completed in 2003, Siena Two consists of low-rise and garden houses, plus four high-rise buildings, totalling 757 units. The high-rise buildings are: Peaceful Mansion, Joyful Mansion, Graceful Mansion and Celestial Mansion. Siena Two is located within walking distance of the North Plaza, Club Siena, Central (Siena) Park and Discovery College and is centred around a large, grassed park with a children's playground.

Villages in Tung Chung

The new town of Tung Chung is located on the northern coast of Lantau Island. Means of transport to the town include the MTR, ferry and by bus. A variety of different housing properties can be found including high-rise apartments, low-rise apartments, garden houses and village houses. It is the most populous district on the island of Lantau.


High-rise apartments:
The majority of Tung Chung residents live in high-rise apartment buildings. There are five development phases in the town,as well as government housing. Private high-rise apartments range from from 2 to 6 bedroom properties. Most developments have between 50 and 70 floors per block and each has its own clubhouse for residential use.


Mid-rise apartments:
Mid-rise buildings in Tung Chung are less common and less condensed compared to high-rises. Most apartments have between 2 and 4 bedrooms with many also featuring balconies or terraces. The only mid-rise complex in the area is Le Bleu Deux.


Garden houses/villas:
Garden Houses in Tung Chung are usually at a close proximity to the ocean, providing a nice sea-view. They are not developments of their own, but are separate phases of the high-rise buildings. For example, Le Bleu is part of the Coastal Skyline development and La Mer part of Caribbean Coast. Some apartments on the ground floor have their own small gardens, and those on the top floor often have the roof for private use.


Village houses:
The outskirts of the new town of Tung Chung are abundant with village houses. The typical village house is a triplex, with each floor rented out by a different tenant, however there are a few exceptions, in which the entire house is joined by stairs and occupied by one tenant. A large number of Tung Chung villages including Pa Mei and Ha Ling Pei are situated along the route to South Lantau.


Government housing:
The three main government housing developments are Yu Tung Court, Fu Tung Estate and Yat Tung Estate. These are high-rise public housing properties that are subsidised by the Government for residents with lower incomes. They are all convenient to reach, either within a walking distance or a bus ride away from the town centre. The number of blocks and units vary in each estate, with the smallest estate, Fu Tung, having just three blocks, and the largest, Yat Tung, comprising 13 blocks. In total there are almost 10,000 givernment flats.

Caribbean Coast consists of three phases with 13 high-rise towers and 56 garden houses (La Mer). As it is the further away from the Town Centre, there is a shuttle bus to and from the MTR station specifically for residents. The time intervals for buses are usually very short, only being between 5 to 10 minutes. Caribbean Square is the development's local shopping centre with convenience stores, a grocery store, learning centres, restaurants and local dispensaries.
Century Link has 1,407 units from one to three bedroom apartments. Located in the east of Tung Chung and is in close proximity to the major transport infrastructure Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. Government plans of a Tung Chung East MTR station will make this.. transport links. The area consists of 27-29 storey buildings as well as 3 two-storey low density residential blocks
Coastal Skyline is an estate that consists of 7 high-rise towers (Coastal Skyline, Block 1-5 and La Rossa, Block A and B), 41 garden houses (Le Bleu) and 6 mid-rise towers (Le Bleu Deux). The total number of units is 3,370 and the average flat size is 807 square feet (75 square metres). Like Seaview Crescent, it is 10-minutes away from the MTR and a mere five-minutes from the shopping mall. A two-minute walk away, there is a Wellcome Supermarket which makes grocery shopping much more convenient.
Also part of the MTR’s first Development Package, Seaview Crescent has a total of 4 towers and 1536 flats. The property is located at a 10-minute walk from the MTR station and a five-minute walk from Citygate Outlets. The average flat size is approximately 764 square feet (71 square metres). Below the residential buildings are a few restaurants such as Resto and Zentro.
The Visionary comprises of 9 towers with Towers 1-3, 5-10 and 3 duplex bloxes of houses. There's a total of 1,419 residential units, clubhouse and garden area. Visionnaire Club with a gym, indoor and outdoor pools, multi-function rooms, indoor sports ground and a kids playroom. (change order) Commercial space below
Tung Chung Crescent was the very first residential estate developed in the area and is part of the MTR Tung Chung Station Development Package One. Located in the heart of the town centre, it is the most convenient location to the Tung Chung MTR Station and Citygate Outlets. There are 8 towers that consist of a total number of 2158 apartments. The average flat size is around 829 square feet (77 square metres).

Villages in South Lantau

South Lantau is made up of several villages, most relatively small in size, and many based along the coast. The largest of South Lantau’s villages is Mui Wo.

Located on the South Coast of Lantau, Cheung Sha, which literally means “long beach”, is popular for having the longest beach in Hong Kong, stretching 3km, separated into Cheung Sha upper and lower. The beaches are especially popular amongst water sport lovers, with activities such as windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, skim boarding and wakeboarding readily available. A number of restaurants are located on Lower Cheung Sha beach, many of which have tables on the sand.
A small village located in southern part of Lantau island, near Pui O, Ham Tin is divided into an older part (Ham Tin Kau Tsuen) and a bigger and newer part (Ham Tin San Tsuen).The area is also home to, what is considered by many, one of Hong Kong’s most beautiful beaches.
A rural town in the east of Lantau often referred to as Silver Mine due to its two abandoned silver mines. Silvermine waterfall and temple are some of the main attractions. Silver Mine Bay Beach is also located just a short 5 minute walk away from Mui Wo ferry pier. This grade 1 beach is perfect for kids and adults alike, with lifeguards on duty if you wish to go swimming, a large area for games on the beach, changing facilities and barbecue pits. Mui Wo is the main shopping area for South Lantau. Many popular hikes start in Mui Wo.
Pui O consists of four villages - Pui O Lo Wai, Pui O San Wai Tsuen, Lo Uk Tsuen and Ham Tin Village. The Lo Wai was built in the early Qing Dynasty and villagers decided to construct walls and gates after pirates ransacked the area. It was said villagers lived peacefully after the Lo Wai completed. Many village houses are rented out for leisure. Pui O is a popular destination for holiday camping, and is home to a beautiful beach running along the entire shoreline of Pui O.
San Shek Wan is small village of around 50 people; half of whom are ex-pats. Only those who have been living in the village for three years of more are allowed to vote for village representatives.
Shui Hau, literally meaning an opening to the sea world, is a small Chinese village with few expatriates and many wild cows. It has been described as clam diggers’ heaven and there are a few shops that speicalise in renting out the necessary gear for your clamming adventure when the tide retreats.
Tai Long Wan literally translates as ‘Big Wave Bay’, and it has four spectacular beaches, each gazing upon the Pacific Ocean to the east. White sands and emerald waters are tempting diversions here for hikers in need of a refreshing dip. The area is also extremely popular amongst surfers.
Tong Fuk is a popular village for holidays, with many private holiday flats available for ren. Restaurants and village shops can be found opposite Tong Fuk beach, which is very popular with local tourists.