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The Spartan Trail World Championship 2021 is set to unfold across four continents with 10 races devised to challenge both elite and amateur runners. The reloaded series features new events, including the TransLantau, and a new format, aimed at reaching the world’s trail running community.

Since 2011, the TransLantau off-road ultramarathon has attracted elite global runners to take the ultimate challenge. The flagship category, TransLantau 104K with +5,800 elevation covers two country parks on South Lantau with 80% of the course on trails. The two distances selected for the Spartan Trail World Championship event in November are the 104K and the 43K with an unprecedented total cash prize of US$18,000.

“This is a well-deserved accomplishment for Hong Kong and its trail running community,” says Clement Dumont, race director of TransLantau. “The fantastic trails of Lantau and authentic places like Tai O fishing village and the Po Lin Monastery at Ngong Ping provide a unique experience to trail runners from all over the world.” To find out more, visit www.translantau.com.

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