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Tong Fuk resident rallies Lantauers in support of underprivileged Cambodian children

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Tong Fuk resident Lynda Meeks has garnered the community spirit of Lantau to provide much-needed supplies for pupils at a small village school in Stung Treng, Cambodia.

Lynda first travelled to Cambodia in 2016 with the KHK Foundation, an organisation that works to help children in poverty by providing educational programmes, which her father is director of.

While there, she was saddened to see the conditions the children were learning in, and decided to do something about it.

“It was so sad to see the kids in this leaning, leaky shack of a school building, staring up at an old long chalkboard,” explained Lynda. “I didn’t bring much the first time, but I did purchase notebooks and pencils, which gave me the idea to ask for donations of things that people might have just sitting around.”

Back in Hong Kong, Lynda turned to the people of Lantau to help support the initiative, and in October 2017 she took to social media groups including ‘Tung Chung Community’ and ‘Mui Wo to Tai O Families’ to invite the community to donate much-needed school supplies and books.

“I was really overwhelmed with the response,” said Lynda. “I didn’t expect it to be that great. I tried to keep it to just school supplies. I got offers of clothing and school bags, but I just couldn’t carry one for everyone and not bringing that many seemed unfair to those who didn’t receive. So I was able to collect a massive amount of crayons, markers, paints and other art supplies. We also got a ton of other school supplies like folders, pencil cases and staples. Some people donated money as well, and that I used to buy some more notebooks, since they don’t have textbooks and must copy all the teacher says.”

Lynda arranged to have set pick-up times in Tung Chung during the collection period, and also enlisted the help of some shops in Mui Wo. Ho Yu College in Tung Chung, where Lynda’s daughter studies, also donated supplies.

“I got a HUGE amount of support — it was unbelievable! We plan to go every year to help develop the school further, and it’s great to see others supporting KHK,” Lynda said.

Lynda Meeks

“If anyone wants to go to Cambodia with us, they certainly can. We can use more supplies next year. The foundation always needs donations and sponsorship. We need to keep the support of the school(s) ongoing, as well as their agricultural programs — to train them to farm and sustain themselves.”

For more information about the KHK Foundation, visit http://khkfoundation.org.

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    Please get in touch with me if you’d like to help out in any way.
    Lynda Meeks [email protected]

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