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The New Beats in DB – this Saturday at DB North Plaza

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Head to DB North Plaza this Saturday, November 17, for an afternoon of music, fun and toe-tapping entertainment.

The latest in a series of concerts organised by Dream Chasers, The New Beats in DB is a celebration of local musical talent and the creative arts.

Speaking to Around DB, the organisers said they hoped to bring DB residents together with the shows, which are scheduled to take place on the third Saturday of each month.

Founders Jonathan, Vanis and Peony explained that they came up with the idea as a way to counter the negative energy that can come about from the high-pressure city environment, which they say can stifle creativity and cause people to forget their creative ambitions.

By giving people a stage and a microphone, they are aiming to be a positive force which supports people who want to pursue their dreams in the arts and provides them with a network through which they can share their musical gift.

So, what can you expect this Saturday afternoon? The majority of performances will be from home-grown DB talent, including a variety of bands and solo acts of all different ages and backgrounds. And if the last concert is anything to go by, the vibe will be one that is laid back and easy going – a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon while you relax with a drink in the North Plaza.

And if you’re a performer yourself, Dream Chasers is now accepting applications for the concerts coming up in the next few months. If you have a song in your heart and want to share it with the world, you can get in touch with the Dream Chasers team via email at [email protected] or through their Facebook page.

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