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Tai O’s Triple Lanterns Cafe Closed

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The Triple Lanterns Cafe, situated in the fisherman’s village of Tai O, was forced to close after being prosecuted by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department for operating without a license. With great reviews on Tripadvisor, The Triple Lanterns Cafe was one of the primary attractions in Tai O. Hidden between the wooden walkways and stiled houses, the Cafe had a lovely rooftop area and patio where you could sit and enjoy a drink or meal.

In a Facebook post the owner Julia, commonly called Auntie Julia, bids her farewell.  The Tai O native was born into a fisherman family and eventually moved to the UK, Julia decided to return to village to rebuild her mother’s stilt house that was severly dmamaged due to termites. Here, Julia and her brothers joined hands to create The Triple Lantern Cafe. The Cafe aimed to be a place for Tai O locals and tourists to come together, as well as be a force for good in the local community by, for example, serving free meals to the disadvantaged.

The Triple Lanterns Cafe officially closed on January 31, and will be profoundly missed.

View of Tai O from The Triple Lanterns Cafe

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