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Tai O Community Cattle Group warns against feeding Lantau cows in Ngong Ping

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With the continuous influx of tourists to Ngong Ping, the Tai O Community Cattle Group of South Lantau (TOCCG) has issued a reminder to the public of the no-feeding policy in Ngong Ping.

Feral cows on Lantau are often found roaming around in Ngong Ping, and it’s common to see tourists and visitors feeding them human food – something which TOCCG says needs to stop.

“Due to the shortage of signage and lack of public education on the issue, the cows are subjected to constant stress and unsuitable food by tourists on a daily basis,” says Kathy Daxon, chairwoman on TOCCG. “Food such as raw corn, apples – which are swallowed whole – and sweet potatoes, as well as tourist snacks such as cake, bread, chips, candy, ice cream and even meat are being fed.”

According to Kathy, the cows in Ngong Ping have plenty of grass and leaves to eat, however with tourists continuing to feed them, they are unfortunately being accustomed to the “wrong food.”

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Since late 2017, TOCCG has been working with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department to distribute leaflets advising against the feeding of the cows, however there is currently no penalty in place to properly deter the practice.

TOCCG’s aim is to promote responsible tourism, which keeps the community cattle herd at the forefront and aims to educate visitors and people in the community on the rights, conservation and preservation of the cattle.

If you have any ideas or would like to get in touch with TOCCG regarding an education initiative, contact [email protected]. For more information, visit Where is Melvin? on Facebook.

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