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Speedier security planned for Hong Kong International Airport

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From September 2017, passengers will be able to enjoy a premium speedy service while passing through security at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

Under the plans, premium passengers flying from HKIA will have their own dedicated fast-track lane to reduce overall waiting times, despite the airport already having one of the fastest and cheapest security processes in the world.

The airport currently charges airlines HK$45 in security fees for each passenger. The premium service will be charged at an additional HK$20 per person.

The new channel will also be open to passengers with special needs, reduced mobility, passengers flying with young children and the elderly. The airport will not charge airlines any extra for these passengers to pass through the new system.

A spokesperson for a major international carrier praised the concept of the new security facility, but admitted it would likely come at a higher cost to passengers, saying, “Every cost that comes on top of the ticket price for us, in the end, [will have to be charged to] the customer.”

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