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South Lantau Village Life: Where to live next

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By Kelly Merrick

South Lantau offers up beautiful green spaces, natural beaches and an amazing community. This hidden gem provides a rich quality of life and attracts people who are creative and business-minded… and charming families. The South Lantau ferries, which leave from Mui Wo, take 30 minutes to reach Central, so the commute is a breeze.

Mui Wo is your first choice, if convenience is what you’re  after.You’ll find numerous shops, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, a bank, po st office and public clinic. Public amenities include the wet market, library, gym, football pitch, basketball court, dance studio, public pool, children’s playground and squash courts. Numerous classes, including fitness, sports, dance, music and computing, for both children and adults, are on offer in Mui Wo.

Homes in Mui Wo tend to be either village houses, villas or low-rise flats. Most villas come with amenities, such as pools, gardens and parking spaces, included in the lease/ purchase. Village houses are typically three floors plus a roof. The maximum square footage per floor is 700 square feet. Many village houses are renovated to include luxurious, modern conveniences, and they can include a private garden (either leased from the government or privately owned).

Many village houses are sub-divided into more than one home, meaning you can lease/ purchase 700 square feet, 1,400 square feet or a full village house. The ground floor typically has exclusive use of any garden (minus right of way to the upper units). The second floor typically has exclusive use of the roof space. All floors usually have balconies.

Silvermine Bay Beach, complete with newly renovated BBQ areas and toilets, is a short walk from Mui Wo. There are numerous seaside restaurants and local shops for you to enjoy as you relax by the sea. Walk along the Olympic Trail to discover the Man Mo Temple and the beautiful Silvermine Waterfall.

Mui Wo has numerous schools including Mui Wo School, Lick Hang Kindergarten, Mui Wo OWLS School, Ashville International Kindergarten & Nursery and Little Lantau Montessori Kindergarten.

Pui O is a lovely village on the north side of South Lantau Road. Overlooking the sea and the friendly water buffalo and their fields, it’s a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike. In Pui O, you can take water sports lessons, lounge on the beach or enjoy a feast by the sea. There are numerous restaurants, a garden centre, wine shop and various local shops. Take advantage of the beach-side Pui O Campsite, its individual camping areas, with barbeque pits, are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Pui O offers up many beautiful trails that allow for excellent hiking experiences throughout the Lantau country parks. Lantau International School’s upper primary campus is located in Pui O, as is Bui O Public School, a popular, local primary school offering both
English and Chinese curriculums.

Ham Tin is on the south side of Lantau Road and is surrounded by lovely buffalo fields, pagodas and amazing sea views. There’s a large football pitch, basketball court and children’s playground.

Shap Long is located on the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula. Residents are surrounded by nature and they may have a great view of the sea too. Ideal if privacy is what you’re after, it’s best to have a car in Shap Long. This village is the only one in the area that is not directly served by public transport, and it’s a bit of a hike to South Lantau Road.

San Shek Wan is a small, quiet village with mostly full (2,100 square-foot) village houses available for lease/ purchase. You can hike to Sunset Peak or enjoy the activities, such as hiking, provided at the YWCA. San Shek Wan is a great location with easy access to Tung Chung and the airport.

Cheung Sha is well known for its stunning beach, the longest in Hong Kong. It offers up five beach-side restaurants, plus the Lantau Grocer and water-sports rentals.

Housing in Cheung Sha consists of both village houses and villas with amenities. Many villa complexes have security guards, and extra amenities like private parking, swimming pools, tennis courts and gyms. Many village houses on the north side of South Lantau Road are full-size modern homes. The homes on the south side are beach-view cottages, though smaller in size, they boast amazing views.

Cheung Sha is very popular due to its proximity to beaches, public transport and the airport. Lantau International School’s reception campus is located in Cheung Sha in the middle of a lovely, green woodland.

Tong Fuk is very popular, since its homes have great views of both the mountains and the sea. In this village, in addition to the public parking, private parking spaces are available for lease. Tong Fuk is known for its local herd of feral dairy cows; its lovely, rocky beach has lifeguards, BBQ areas and toilets.

Lantau International School’s lower primary campus is located in Tong Fuk, and families love the quick walk to school. Additionally, the village boasts several great restaurants, play areas and local shops.

Shui Hau is a medium-sized, peaceful village with a small shop and local restaurant. There are many new, purpose-built, 2,100-squarefoot village houses. Shui Hau Beach is known for kitesurfing from October to February when the easterly wind prevails.

Tai Long Wan has one of the most beautiful beaches in Hong Kong. This small village has parking close by and many houses have large in-title gardens. Stunning views and the amazing beach make this area very popular with people who value privacy and nature over convenience. The village is about a 5-minute drive/ 15-minute walk from South Lantau Road and bus access.

Continuing west on South Lantau Road, there is the giant Tian Tan Buddha and the traditional fishing village of Tai O.

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