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South Lantau Conservation update

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As the battle for the wetlands continues, Save Lantau Alliance (SLA) has teamed up with Legislative Councillor Eddie Chu to cycle through South Lantau and provide updates on the state of play.

“In Pui O, the Cycling Patrol Team found that the river and wetlands are being destroyed by dumping and suspected fake farming,” a SLA representative says. “In Tong Fuk, government land has been filled and paved to create a parking space. In Shui Hau, a section of wetland is being dug out to create a pond.”

In response to these findings, Eddie Chu arranged a meeting with the SLA and the Planning Department, Environmental Protection Department and Sustainable Lantau Office on June 12. A representative from Save Lantau Alliance says, “They replied that amending the Planning Ordinance will be difficult, and that the Waste Disposal Ordinance is going through a judicial review – they are waiting for the result and can do nothing for now.”

In layman’s terms a stalemate has been reached. “Most of these areas are Coastal Protection Areas, however environmental vandalism, such as dumping and excavation of land, cannot be controlled because of a loophole in the law,” the SLA representative says. “Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s promise to protect South Lantau is just empty words at this stage.”

Save Lantau Alliance aims to set up a Public Patrol Team to monitor wetlands across South Lantau. To find out more and make a donation, visit www.savelantau.org.

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