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Residents call for speed-control measures in Discovery Bay following bus crash

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DB residents are calling for speed-control measures to be introduced on the town’s roads, following an incident on October 19 when a T1 bus collided with an airport bus on Discovery Bay Road, injuring a passenger.

The crash took place on the stretch of road between Discovery Bay International School and DB Plaza. Patti Maxim, a witness to the incident, was driving her golf cart when she said she suddenly heard a “loud smash and saw glass literally explode on the road.”

Eight-year DB resident Dana Duncan was the only passenger on the T1 bus at the time of the accident and sustained injuries.

In a statement to Around DB, Dana said, “I am relieved that there were no other passengers on the bus, especially no children. Of course, people can’t avoid taking buses, but I urge people to think about where they sit and stand on buses, in particular with children, and what would happen to them if the bus they are on stopped suddenly. For example, is it worth it to get on a bus if it is so full that you must stand at the very front with no protection from the windshield in the event of an accident or sudden stop?”

Following the incident, DB Transit Services Limited commented, “The incident involved a T1 bus and an airport bus. One bus driver and one passenger were injured and have been contacted by TSL, and we will offer help whenever necessary. Safety is always most important and the company will keep monitoring drivers’ performance and remind drivers to pay extra attention [to] road traffic. The incident is currently under police investigation.”

The accident has caused a great deal of concern among local residents, who are worried about the speed that traffic travels at on DB roads. Currently, the speed limit on most DB roads is set at 50km/h, with some neighbourhood roads, such as Caperidge Drive, set at 30km/h.

DB resident Jenifer Dubrowski is now calling on support from the community to petition for the speed limit to be capped at 30km/h throughout the town, in order to improve road safety. A long-time advocate of controlling traffic speed in DB, Jenifer points out that the number of residents has increased significantly over the years, leading to greater foot traffic.

“I truly believe if the speed was reduced, this would decrease the potential or at least reduce the severity of any accidents,” said Jenifer, who is hoping to work together with the necessary departments to try and implement change. “My position is to work WITH them. I want this to be a community effort to make our beautiful neighbourhood a safer place.”

Other residents share Jenifer’s concerns. “The number of vehicles entering DB has increased massively in recent years,” one local mother explained. “With the developments going on at the plaza and the golf course, there is a constant stream of construction vehicles travelling along the main road. The speed at which they head down the hill is quite scary. Something needs to be done before someone gets seriously hurt. DB children are not as used to traffic as kids living in other areas of Hong Kong. As a parent, it really scares me. I would love to see speed bumps introduced on Discovery Bay Road, particularly on the hill and around the temporary bus terminus.”

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