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Police and ambulance called to incident at Pier 3

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Emergency services were called to Pier 3 at the weekend in response to a report that an 18-year-old girl had been struck and was suffering from head injury.

According to on.cc, the incident occurred when the girl was returning home to Discovery Bay with her parents at around 5am on Sunday morning.

Apparently showing signs of intoxication, the girl had attracted attention from bystanders. According to witnesses, the girl’s father responded by striking her, causing her head to hit a railing at the pier lobby and bleed.

Bystanders immediately called the police.

The girl’s father was arrested at the scene for committing ‘assault occasioning actual bodily harm,’ an offence triable on indictment with a possible imprisonment of up to three years. The girl was taken to hospital for treatment.

Image: on.cc

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