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Plastic Free Seas launches disposable cup survey

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Dedicated to reducing the amount of plastic marine pollution in Hong Kong, Plastic Free Seas (PFS) has launched a survey to encourage behaviour change by coffee consumers and action by coffee shops.

Plastic-lined paper cups are not recyclable in Hong Kong, therefore PFS aims to reduce the use of disposable hot drink cups while ‘drinking in’ by gathering data from the community and wider Hong Kong.

In order to participate, all you have to do is take a quick walk around the seating area of a nearby coffee shop and fill in this Google form with the following information:

– Name of coffee shop

– Location

– Date

– Time

– Number of people using the shops ‘to-stay’ mugs

– Number of people using disposable hot drink cups

– Number of people using their own reusable cups

– Did you see a sign advertising a discount for bringing your own cup?

Data collected will also be shared with the government for future legislation to potentially reduce the use of disposable cups.

PFS encourages the community to share this campaign with family and friends in order to collect data from a wide variety of shop locations and times of day. For further information or questions, email [email protected].

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