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Opening of New DB Plaza Bus Terminus

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The new DB plaza bus terminus will open on Saturday, April 13.  Starting at noon on April 13, all existing internal bus routes will make en-route stops at the new bus terminus. However, the three external routes (DB01R, DB02R, DB03R) will continue to operate with the current routes and bus stop arrangements until further notice from Hong Kong Resort Company Limited.

All except two existing bus stops will remain unchanged after the new bus terminus opens. The pair of bus stops at Discovery Bay Road near La Costa No. 2 and at the access road to La Vista near Discovery Bay Road will no longer be operational after the new bus terminus opens at noon on April 13.

The pick-up and drop-off points for hire cars and all hotel and club shuttle buses will be relocated to the new bus terminus. The footpath along Discovery Bay Road will also be open for public use after the new bus terminus opens.

Customer service ambassadors will be  available from April 13-19 at the new bus terminus and at the DB pier to provide assistance and to ensure smooth transition to the new bus stop arrangements.

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