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Discovery Bay to get new school bus service

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A new bus service has been set up for the morning school run from Peninsula Village to Discovery College.

The S7 from Peninsula Village is expected to be in operation from next week, according to We Deserve Better Action group convenor Dr Francis Chiu.

The route will start from Peninsula Village at 7.50am, passing Discovery Bay International School, Greenvale, Neo Horizon and Siena Two before heading via the underpass down to DB North, the Auberge Hotel and terminating at Club Siena.

Dr Chiu said on his Better DB Facebook page:

“After several discussions, the bus company has finally accepted the recommendation of some resident representatives.”

“We have a number of other recommendations for improving transportation of DC students in the morning. We will continue to work with the bus company and hope to be able to bring you more good news in the near future.”

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