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New signs leave residents wondering where DB dogs can do their business

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Photos of signs posted around DB have been making the rounds on social media this week, leaving residents wondering where their dogs can do their business.

The signs, which read “Please keep your pets and their waste off our grass or any planted areas,” were issued by DB City Management and displayed in villages including the Greens, Seahorse Lane and Crestmont Villas.

Local dog owners have responded by expressing concern as to where exactly their dogs can relieve themselves, if not on the grass, with many pointing out that dogs naturally seek out grassy areas.

However, other residents have provided a different perspective, suggesting that the signs have been introduced due to the actions of a few irresponsible dog owners.

According to DB City Rules, “Dog owners are responsible for cleaning public walkways and common areas fouled by their dogs and other pets. Any person who allows his dog to foul any street or public place by faeces will be liable to a fine of $1,500 under the Fixed Penalty (Public Cleanliness Offences) Ordinance.”

Around DB has contacted City Management for comment and will keep readers updated.

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