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New in DB

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Harvey Law Group’s latest venture, [email protected], will appeal to those seeking a workspace close to home. Occupying over 1,500 square feet, facing the waterfront in DB North Plaza, the workspace combines smart technology with smooth design, and is equipped with ergonomic chairs and height-adjustable desks. It’s exclusive to 20 members, all of whom will have access 24/7. For more information, call 2468828 or visit www.coworkingdb.hk

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New in DB Plaza, [email protected] is all about life’s little luxuries – products on offer include fine wines, spirits, cigars and award-winning craft chocolates. With its classically designed mahogany shopfront and state-of-the-art walk-in humidor, it’s a definite ‘destination store’. To find out more, call 2918 0868


Founded by DB residents Evy and Jorge Best, Yogika is a wellness platform dedicated to nourishing the mind, body and soul through gong sessions, yoga, meditation and detox. Sign up for the three-day ‘reset programme’ and you get six 500ml fresh juices daily, including ‘Activate’, a popular blend of apple, beets, carrots, lemon, orange, ginger and turmeric. The juices are delivered to your door and sustainably packaged in returnable glass bottles. For more information, WhatsApp 5261 4773 or visit https://is.gd/fEYagE.

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