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New DB bus routes to come into effect on Saturday February 25

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Transport in and around DB is set to undergo an overhaul this weekend, as the existing bus terminus closes to facilitate planned development works at DB Plaza.

With effect from 3am on Saturday February 25, all Plaza bus stops will be relocated to the temporary bus laybys and the new temporary bus terminus on Discovery Bay Road.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition, customer service ambassadors will be stationed at key locations to assist passengers and pedestrians during the switchover period. Traffic wardens will also be deployed to guide vehicles.

In addition to the relocation of the bus terminus, the majority of bus routes and schedules will change, with many routes being combined, specifically the T2, which will serve both Midvale Village and La Vista/ La Serene, the T3, which will travel between Parkvale Village and Cherish Court, the T4, which will go from Coastline Villas to DB North and the T9, which will also travel to DB North, starting at Peninsula Village. All external buses will now terminate at DB Marina.

Where possible, bus times have been adjusted to assist passengers catching the ferry to Central, although residents are advised to check the new schedules carefully (see below), as many departures have had to be brought forward to allow additional time for walking from the bus to the ferry.

Passengers should also note that buses will not be able to wait on Discovery Bay Road, therefore there may be a slight delay between alighting from the ferry and catching a connecting bus.

In order to help explain the new routes, DB resident Peter Morley and his daughter Lucy have put together an extremely useful ‘metro-style’ map (above), with each route colour coded. Residents are advised however that this is not an official map and should therefore use it as a guide only. We think it’s pretty cool!

The new timetables can be found below, and are also available at www.arounddb.com/info/transport.

Airport bus schedules (DB02R and DB02A) and the DB03P (North Plaza/ Sunny Bay route) remain unchanged. Schedules for the Golf Course and Marina Club buses also remain unchanged, however the Marina Club bus will now continue on to the North Plaza.

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