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Marina Club members offered three months’ temporary berthing

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Discovery Bay Marina Club issued a new statement yesterday (Thursday October 18) in response to requests from residents to reconsider the closure of the marina on December 31.

In the statement, the club said that it was extending “a new offer to existing members to temporarily berth their boats at the marina for three months after the closure of the Club… on 31 December 2018.”

The statement read: “This arrangement is a one-off temporary berthing arrangement for three months starting from 1 January to 31 March 2019. The Club understands that a number of members have already applied for berthing space at Hei Ling Chau Typhoon Shelter, which still has ample space and is much bigger than the DBMC marina… The additional time will benefit both members and the authorities to process applications and facilitate relocation.”

Anyone wishing to take up a temporary arrangement, the club said, would be required to sign a new contract to cover it. This would include a temporary, refundable deposit plus a 20% discounted berthing fee, all paid in advance. However, the club said that the marina will still close as planned on December 31, and that all utilities, including water and electricity, will cease as of that date.

The statement went on to say: “As delaying the Club renovation creates tremendous impact on overall work schedules and financial requirements, other than this temporary arrangement, no other alternative arrangements will be offered.

“As stated in previous communications, DBMC welcomes existing club members and members of the public to register their interest in applying for membership and berthing rights at the new DBMC when it reopens. After 29 years of non-stop operation, this renovation and upgrade of DBMC is long overdue and necessary to provide safe anchorage for the members. Given the complexity and extent of the renovation, it is unsafe and impractical to arrange the renovation work in stages while continuing the operation of DBMC. Details regarding the process and terms for future membership and berthing rights are not yet final. They will be made available to the public closer to the completion of the renovated DBMC with a brand-new design, modern technology and more berths.

“DBMC management believes this plan, when all debentures and memberships are expiring and when the club needs an extensive renovation, is the least disruptive one to Hong Kong’s leisure boating community. DBMC is committed to limiting the period of closure as much as possible while ensuring both the construction site and the resulting facilities maintain the highest safety standards.”

The statement concluded by saying that there was “no plan to reclaim the marina for other purposes as part of the renovation.”

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