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Luscious Picnics! Lina Treece’s Lockdown Baby

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You might think that party planning is a strange business to get into during a pandemic but according to eight-year DB resident Lina Treece, who launched picnic-planner company Luscious Picnics (@lusciouspicnics) in November 2021, you’d be very much mistaken.

“We started right before the fifth wave hit, so it was very good timing,” Lina opens. “Because of Luscious Picnics, people have still been able to celebrate their important occasions in style, while following COVID-19 government guidelines.”

From the start, Lina set out to provide a full range of luxury pop-up picnics, catering to everything from wedding anniversaries to baby showers and kids’ parties. She grew up in Spain and loves to throw a party on the beach but she will pop up a picnic pretty much anywhere in DB, including residents’ homes.

“We have been adapting along with COVID-19 restrictions, so we have been organising picnics at home for families and also beautiful date nights for couples,” Lina says. “For larger, outdoor picnics, we have been providing one picnic table for every two people due to the two people per table restrictions.”

So how does it work exactly? “I have a main picnic package for two adults that includes a low picnic table, tableware, a picnic blanket with cushions, and decorations for the specific theme they have chosen,” Lina explains. “Then I have a list of add-ons, including charcuterie boards, fruit platters, drinks, cakes, flowers, a sun shade, a lace tepee and of course extra guests.

“We have a list of themes such as Mediterranean Vibes, Tropic Like It’s Hot, Gold & Glamorous and Feeling Romantic. Our main collaborator DB-based Let’s Party (@letsparty_deco) designs and personalises beautiful graphics for things like banners and cake toppers, so we can theme-up a picnic party any way a client wants. Clients can choose food, wine, flowers, dishware and decorations from our collaborators’ catalogues. We collaborate with many businesses, most but not all DB-based. I love the concept of small businesses helping each other out, especially in these times.”

Lina’s pop-ups really are luscious looking and it comes as a surprise that the part-time tennis coach and full-time mum doesn’t have a professional background in either styling or catering. What she does have though is years of experience in bringing people together. “I have been organising parties for family and friends since I was 20 years-old,” she says. “It has been truly a passion for me and I am so excited to have made it a business.”

No doubt Luscious Picnics is a passion project but it’s also a well-thought-out business venture. “I realised there was a good market in Discovery Bay, with many children and outdoorsy people who might be interested in celebrating their special occasions with us,” Lina says. “And of course, we have the parks and amazing beaches.

“In creating Luscious Picnics, I was inspired by a company on Instagram, @strawsnberries,” Lina concludes. “I saw a photo of their beautiful beach set-up in Barcelona, and I said to myself this is what I want to do. It has been my dream for some time to organise parties as a business and I have finally gone for it! My goal is to make event and picnic planning my full-time job, and I will hire a larger team as we get bigger.” [PHOTOS BY Richard Gordon www.richardgordonphotography.com.]

Should you book a picnic with Lina, be sure to add-on a couple of her charcuterie boards, which come artfully laden with around five types of cheese and three types of cured meat, plus dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts and something sweet. Know that Luscious Picnics also delivers its charcuterie boards to quarantine hotels and DB homes.

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