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Love is all Around DB: Father’s Day Finalists

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Few experiences compare to that first moment of connection between a parent and a child – whether it be the squeeze of a baby’s fist just after birth, a baby’s first smile, or the first time a child says “I love you.” In family-focused Discovery Bay, residents are often privileged to witness moments of familial love both large and small. From happy reunions at the ferry pier at the end of day when children meet their parents coming home from work, to comforting hugs and kisses after knees get skinned in the plaza, family life is at the heart of the DB community.

Three Father’s Day finalists have been selected from those who entered the Love is all around DB competition in April. In honour of Father’s Day on June 16, Around DB has the pleasure of sharing the finalists’ photos and stories through which they reveal what makes their dad so special.

1st Prize: William and Elaine Sage (World collection of wines – 12 bottles) 

My dad, William Sage, knows a lot of things. He is very clever and intelligent. He can type words on his computer without looking and I cannot do that. One day, I bumped my lip and he helped put some Watermelon Frost on it. When I was five years old, he took me to a Spartan Race. We waded in muddy rivers and he helped me a lot. I was very happy but very tired. I am six years old now. A year ago, he started telling me a story and at last we have reached the end of the beginning of the story!

2nd Prize: The Lee Family (Dinner Buffet (weekend) for two adults and two kids at the Auberge Discovery Bay Hong Kong)

My father, Luke Sangjin Lee, is a quirky, hardworking and sporty person who sometimes tickles my funny bone. I love spending time with him, playing tennis etc. When my mother is away because of her work or an appointment, he entertains me and gets the time to fly by. He takes care of me and two of my dogs and has so much zest in him. I love all of his eventful actions and I love him.

3rd Prize: Jarod and Jacob Vermette (Spa package for two adults at the Auberge Disocovery Bay Hong Kong) 

My dad, Jarod Vermette, is special because when I was a baby, he promised he would play with me every day. True to his word, he plays with me every single day! I am so thankful my dad can spend time with me.

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