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Lantau students race to raise money for anti-slavery charities

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The 24 Hour Race takes place in Hong Kong this weekend and will see students from across Hong Kong, including entrants from Lantau, coming together to help raise money for the global fight against human trafficking.

A philanthropic movement run entirely by students, the 24 Hour Race was established in 2010 and strives to advocate freedom in a world where slavery is still rife.

Teams comprise eight members who run a continuous relay for 24 hours and are sponsored for every lap they run. Funds raised each year go to organisations that work to improve the lives of those who find themselves victims of slavery.

A number of students from Lantau are taking place in this year’s race, including children from Discovery College (DC) in Discovery Bay and YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College (YHKCC) in Tung Chung. The students will be competing to raise money for The Exodus Road, an organisation that focuses on fighting human trafficking through rescue missions by freeing trafficked individuals through legal means with the assistance of local police force and government.

According to the organisers of the event, modern-day slavery is notoriously secretive in nature, making it profoundly difficult to notice, as well as to expose. Incredibly, at the present time there 35 million slaves worldwide, over one quarter of whom are children. Every 24 hours, a further 5,500 men, women and children become victims of trafficking, and the Lantau teams taking part in this weekend’s race are calling on support from the community to help change this. If you would like to show your support, you can find out more about each team and donate via the links below.

Four teams of eight runners will be representing DC:

Discovery College Mixed Team A: Nathan Honarvar, Bailey Mckay, Mitchell Collins, Marina Saez, Izzy Van Ingen, Csoban Balogh, Chloe Sercrombe, Alex Cheung

Discovery College Mixed Team B: Annika Nu, Eoin O’Grady, Kayla, Kevin Makela, Lorcan Wong, Natsuki Arita, Paco, Tamara Gan Kristensen

Discovery College Mixed Team CNoah Chiu, Maya Jones, Dennis Law, Shreya Khanna, Christopher Nolan, Linn Wolmebrant, Siosi Tameifuna, Cameron Stephen

Discovery College Mixed Team D: Dylan Symonds, Camilla Conroy, Jack Mulholland, Oscar Campbell, Jacqui Camp, Trinity King, Julia Moriau, Jimmy Lee

Five teams of eight runners will be representing YHKCC:

YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College Girls Team A: Michelle Ralleca, Kylie Beaver, Donna Nara, Marissa Kariyawasam, Audrey Azul, Abigail Tallent, Laura Schulz, Amy Wright

YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College Mixed Team A: Sunny Griffiths, Michael Dawson, Jandy Yuen, Elijah Sanchez, Haki McNab, Harjot Singh, Steven Jin, David Nalumen

YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College Mixed Team B: Imogen Inglis, Samuel Soliva, Brandon Samuels, Rosie Inglis, Anthony Moore, Aryan Datwani, Kara Jones, Arun Thapa

YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College Mixed Team C: Tasham Ramsey, Izzamaya Lama, Arvind Amaranathan, Mae Cork, Jed Lam, Callan Lynam, Teddy Li, Gabby Bautista

YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College Mixed Team D: William Wong, Kelvin Karl, Keeven To, Angel Yeung Jenny Suen, Francine Ong, Max Ho, Ugochukwu Ogwu

Good luck to each and every team!

Find out more:

The 24 Hour Race – www.24hourrace.org

The Exodus Road – theexodusroad.com


Image: The 24 Hour Race

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