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They did it! The Lantau Island Paddlers are back!

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Crowds of supporters welcomed DBIS teachers Jonny Haines and Tim Tait at Tai Pak Wan Beach yesterday afternoon as they completed their epic five-day paddle boarding challenge circumnavigating the full 75 kilometres around Lantau.

Their incredible journey kicked off last Friday (February 2) with DBIS students, staff and DB residents cheering the pair on as they took to the water.

With their feet back on dry land, Tim spoke to the crowd to say how heart warming it was to see the supporters lining the beach on their final approach. “We thought we might get 25 [people], counting all the kids in the playground, maybe the people at Hemingway’s. It’s pretty cool to have all of you come down!”

He went on to say what an amazing a journey it had been. “It’s really cool to see the attention on social media. That’s how we know you’re watching, that you’re listening. Now it’s action time. The real hard part starts now!”

The Lantau Island Paddle

Speaking to Around DB, Jonny expressed his excitement upon completing the challenge. “We’ve done it! We’ve finished! It was great. We got ourselves in a really great position today in order for us to enjoy this last leg. One highlight was our dolphin spot. It was the first time a dolphin’s been spotted in ten years in Peng Chau. That was unbelievable!

“It’s just brilliant. A perfect end to what’s been an amazing journey, an amazing experience.”

Donations can still be made to support Jonny and Tim’s chosen charity, Plastic Free Seas, by visiting www.simplygiving.com/the-lantau-island-paddle. Can you help them reach their HK$100,000 target?

The pair now have a few days to recover before the wrap party at Hemingway’s this Saturday evening. Everyone is welcome to come along to help Jonny and Tim celebrate, and hear all about their incredible experience.

For more information about the event, head to www.arounddb.com/events/lantau-island-paddle-wrap-party.

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