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Injured dog found with severe injuries recovering well thanks to support of South Lantau community

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In late December, a badly injured dog was found in the public toilets in Mui Wo by local residents.

The dog, who was given the name Bodhi, was half-starved and dehydrated, and had severe injuries across his back. Bodhi was taken to the SPCA, where vets had to remove over 100 maggots from his wounds.

After undergoing surgery, Bodhi was taken in by a local shelter in Pui O, as he needed significant ongoing care to keep his wounds clean as well as medication to help him recover.

Due to the high cost of Bodhi’s medical treatment, a fundraising initiative — the ‘BODHI’ Recovery Fund’ — was started by P.A.L.S. director Jacqui Green to seek monetary support from the community, and a donation post box was set up outside Imprint Bookshop in Mui Wo by South Lantau resident Terry Boyce.

The fund, which closed on Tuesday (January 16), was a huge success, raising HK$9,000 to cover the cost of Bodhi’s surgery and post-surgical care, in addition to his future needs for desexing, microchipping and adoption.

“There has been a groundswell of financial aid from the South Lantau community, which has been so heart-warming,” Jacqui told Life on Lantau.

Happily, Bodhi is recovering well in the dog rescue centre, and Terry enjoys feeding and walking him on a daily basis.

Posting on Facebook, Terry said, “Bodhi has totally transformed from a badly-injured, terrified dog into a very happy, well-balanced dog who loves affection.”

“I took him for his first walk today down to the beach. His eyes sparkled, his ears and tail pricked up, and his face shone in delight. I could swear he was smiling.”

Bodhi stills needs continuous care to ensure his wounds don’t become infected again or develop further maggots, but Terry describes his recovery as “remarkable.”

Once Bodhi has recovered fully, the next step will be to find him a loving, forever home.

Bodhi dog

Images: Terry Boyce and Julie Nunn

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