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How to dispose of your Christmas tree in DB

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The classic Christmas conundrum: what to do with your Christmas tree once it’s served its purpose livening up your home with flashing lights and its fresh pine scent. Luckily in DB, there is a service in place to not only remove old trees, but also help give them a new lease of life.

Starting Boxing Day, residents can arrange for Winson Cleaning Services to have their Christmas trees collected for HK$50 or HK$100, depending on the tree’s size. City Management will then have the branches cut off, and have the trunks stored in DB.

Trunks that are in good condition will be retained and will be used to help decorate DB. Those that are not will be processed into wood chips, which will also be kept and eventually used around the town.

To arrange for your Christmas tree to be picked up, call Winson after Christmas at 3176 3188.

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