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Hong Kong’s annual Chinese New Year fireworks display cancelled

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Hong Kong’s annual Chinese New Year fireworks display, scheduled for February 17 (Saturday), has been cancelled out of respect for the 19 passengers who died in a bus crash near Tai Po last weekend.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam made the announcement yesterday following recommendations from the lawmakers and the general public.

“I have taken into account their suggestions, their views and the general sentiments in the community and come to the decision that we would cancel this year’s Chinese New Year fireworks. We have already notified the sponsoring organisation and they have graciously agreed and also will support this decision,” Lam expressed in a statement to the media.

According to Chinese tradition, the seventh day following a death is when the spirit of the deceased returns to bid farewell for the last time. The scheduled day of the fireworks was the seventh day following the tragic bus incident.

Chevallier International Holdings Limited, sponsor of the 23-minute long multi-million-dollar festive display, has expressed their support and Lam has announced that the expenses saved from the cancellation will go towards the crash victim’s families.

Flags at the Central Government Offices will be flown at half-mast today and members of the Executive Council and Principal Officials will observe a minute of silence before the weekly ExCo meeting.

Government staff will also observe a minute of silence at 10am today.

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