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Government transport subsidy scheme to be applied to DB buses and ferries

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Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited (DBTSL) has confirmed that commuters who use DB ferry and bus services will be able to benefit from the government’s new Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme (PTFSS) when it comes into effect in January.

Aimed at relieving the burden of public transport costs, the PTFSS allows commuters to receive a subsidy of 25% from the government for monthly expenses on public transport that exceed HK$400. The reimbursement is capped at HK$300 per commuter.

Monthly public transport expenses, including MTR, bus, green minibus, ferry and tram fares will be taken into account in the calculation of the monthly public transport expenses, and payments made using Octopus cards and DBTSL’s T-cards will be included in the scheme.

The subsidy will apply to people of all ages, and there is no need to apply in advance for the scheme, as rebates will be administered via dedicated Octopus card readers at designated locations, including MTR stations and Octopus Service Points. For the convenience of DB residents, one reader will be installed at DB Ferry Pier and another at Pier 3 in Central.

The scheme will begin on the January 1, 2019. To find out more, visit goo.gl/ppJeSA

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