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Female cow killed in Shui Hau road accident

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A female cow was killed yesterday (April 3) when a car crashed into her on South Lantau Road near Shui Hau village.

The incident took place at around 5pm. The female cow, named Abby, died at the scene. A male cow, named Fred, was seriously injured in the accident and lost one of his horns.

Shui hau cow

Photos from the scene show three cows surrounding Abby as she lay on the ground bleeding.

Police were called to the incident and a vet from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department attended to the cattle.

The car involved was damaged with airbags deployed and its hood and windscreen damaged.

Local residents have renewed calls for drivers to take care when driving in South Lantau, and to pay special attention for pedestrians and animals.

To report injured, sick or trapped cattle, call 1823.

Image credit: Kathy Daxon

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