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Dozens injured in three separate incidents on North Lantau Highway

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Traffic on the North Lantau Highway was brought to a standstill this morning after two separate collisions took place, and a motorcyclist fell off his motorbike.

The first incident occurred shortly before 5am, when an N31 double-decker Long Win Bus collided with a medium goods vehicle travelling towards Tsuen Wan.

Both vehicles were severely damaged, and two passengers seated towards the front of the upper deck of the bus became trapped. The Fire Services Department rescued the pair, however a 40-year-old passenger was found unconscious at the scene and was rushed to Princess Margaret Hospital.

At least 19 people were injured in the accident, including the drivers of both vehicles. The wounded were all taken to hospital for assessment.

As a result of the first incident, a second crash occurred, with seven taxis colliding approximately 200 metres behind the bus and truck, after failing to slow down in time. Ambulance personnel already at the scene treated the injured taxi drivers.

A third incident occurred later at around 6am, when a motorcyclist reportedly skidded along the highway. He was rushed to hospital.

Tung Chung residents took to social media on Thursday morning voicing concerns about the accidents, which come just weeks after a fatal traffic accident on the same road.

In the latest Islands District Council Traffic and Transport Committee meeting, Islands District Councillor Amy Yung raised the matter of traffic accidents on North Lantau Highway, suggesting to “increase patrol[s] by unmarked police vehicles, and [to] step up speed check operations to combat speeding and penalise offenders.”

According to a report by Lantau News, police “will consider more frequent and aggressive patrols on [the] North Lantau freeway, but there are no plans [to] lower the speed limit.”

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