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Dog rescued by Mui Wo resident

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A Mui Wo resident has rescued a dog from a dumping site in Wong Lung Hang, Tung Chung. The resident became aware that the dog had been abandoned and made it his personal mission to find him.

The resident said he repeatedly called the dog’s name, “Trigger,” until he eventually appeared. Trigger was described as tired looking, matted and footsore.

Trigger received treatment from the SPCA, when he was found to have cut and bleeding paws infested with maggots and tick fever.

Through all this, Trigger remained calm, showing compassion towards those helping him.

In a statement to Around DB and Life on Lantau, Jacqui Green from PALS said those who deliberately abandon their dogs, thinking that they are “giving them a chance of life” were “misguided, cruel and callous.”

Trigger’s saviours Andrew and Clarisse told PALS that they have always wanted a dog, and although Trigger was not what they expected, they are grateful and have provided him with a new place to call home.

Andrew commented, “Trigger was lucky to find me, but I was equally lucky to have found him because he’s already been such a positive addition to our home.”

Image: PALS Facebook Page

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