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DB students discover dead porpoise in Sai Kung

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A stranded finless porpoise was discovered by a group of students from DBIS and HKILA during a field trip with Living Oceans Education last weekend.

The male porpoise was found in the shallows of Ham Tin Beach in Sai Kung.

According to marine biologist Estelle Davies, the porpoise appeared to have been dead for a few days, with its body bloated.

students discover dead porpoise

Living Oceans Education and the students called the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department upon discovering the creature The Ocean Park Conservation Foundation is now carrying out testing to determine the cause of death.

In a comment to Around DB and Life on Lantau, Estelle said: “[It is] sad that our marine mammals are suffering in Hong Kong waters with coastal development, bridge and airport construction, water pollution levels and boat traffic. Let’s hope this highlights the tragedy of it all and the positive action that needs to be done.”

To report stranded cetaceans, call 1823.

Image: Living Oceans Education

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