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DB residents raise concerns regarding possible termination of overnight ferries

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DB residents raised concerns at the weekend regarding rumours that the overnight ferry service to and from Central may be terminated.

The topic is listed as an item on the agenda of the next City Owners Committee (COC) meeting, due to take place this coming Wednesday, October 24, at 7.30pm. The items reads: “To endorse the recommendation of Passenger Liaison Group for replacing the overnight ferry with bus service.”

Local residents have criticised the proposal, which would see late-night sailings replaced with bus journeys. They argue that the journey time from Central to Discovery Bay would be significantly longer by bus and that buses cannot cater to the same number of passengers as the ferry. Many are also concerned about the lack of bathroom facilities on buses.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said, “My husband often has to work late in Central. He relies on the late-night ferries to get home. Part of the reason we moved here was because there a was 24-hour ferry service. Without that, living in DB will be really inconvenient for us.

Other residents have pointed out that reducing transport links could have an impact on property prices in the area and are calling on apartment owners to make their thoughts known to their Village Owners Committee (VOC) members ahead of Wednesday’s meeting.

In a statment issued to Around DB, DB Transport Services said:

“The proposed replacement of overnight ferry with overnight bus service was originated from the idea and discussion from members at the DB Passenger Liaison Group (PLG) meeting, comprising VOC representatives from all DB villages to meet up regularly to discuss transport related issues in DB. 

The PLG members believed that running overnight bus can provide more frequent, more accessible, and door to door services for residents at lower fares, while to help cut the emissions from running the under utilized overnight ferry service, making it a more sustainable option for both the environment and operations through this service enhancement action.

Based on the suggestions from the PLG, the Transport Team is invited to present a proposal to introduce the service details at the coming COC before seeking approval from the Transport Department which will carry out another round of public consultation in due course.”

Do you use the overnight ferry regularly? Let us know your thoughts below.

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Comment(s) on - DB residents raise concerns regarding possible termination of overnight ferries

  • Growler Reply

    The statement by the PLG is disingenuous at best. Having seen the proposal….
    – lower fares means only a couple of dollars HKD so not really a saving and still more expensive than a daytime ferry fare. They are not really refunding any of the savings from this reduction back to the residents. They are pocketing it all.
    – door to door is an exaggeration verging on a lie… Who gets a door to door bus service?
    – frequency is only slightly greater on the ultra late services… But they are proposing to replace the ferry from 2330 onwards and which go every 30 mins the same as the ferry this till 0100… And what’s the point if the journey takes twice as long?
    – HKR does not care about the environment… They care about making money.
    – they used the phrase “service enhancement action”. That is a straight up lie. It is a service reduction… They know it and we know. They think that by using phrases like that we won’t see through it.

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