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DB golf carts make international headlines

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DB’s golf carts made international headlines earlier this week in an article published by Bloomberg, Time and Yahoo Finance.

The article focuses on the cost of the buggies, which can sell for over HK$2 million, which puts them on par with Porsche’s Boxster sports cars and Tesla Model S.

The piece cites the buggies as an alternative investment opportunity in the face of the “punishing cost” of property investments in Hong Kong.

Local DBers responded to the article by pointing out the high maintenance cost of the carts, with one resident quoting HK$4,400 for a replacement curtain.

Other responses quoted the “unnecessary luxury” of the golf carts, when internal bus stops and hire cars are available to the community.

Speaking to Around DB, one local resident, who asked not to be named, said, “Our golf buggy was invaluable when we had one child in preschool, another at school at the other end of DB, and I was working in a service-based business in DB. You simply can’t be everywhere at the same time, especially with the bus timetable.

I do admit my favourite time to own a buggy was after dinner when we used to zip down for an evening swim at Siena!”

So it comes down to the age-old question: what price do you put on convenience? HK$2 million it would seem!

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