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DB Entrepreneurs of the Month: Darren Counsell and Aurora Chan

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Our business is an adventure accessories company for dogs. In setting up Embark Pets, my wife Aurora and I decided to pursue a business that we are passionate about. We believe if you do something you love, the rest will follow. We love being outdoors, we love to travel and we love dogs, so Embark Pets was a natural choice. The thing that interests us most about our business is that we can create. We love being able to make our ideas and designs come to life, and then see them in the marketplace. We love interacting with the dog community; it is a very happy and friendly place to work in. To succeed in business, you need to be passionate, driven and savvy with numbers, but most of all you need to enjoy what you do. Our advice for someone looking to start up a business is don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can’t do everything yourself and it’s also no fun trying to do something like this solo. Surround yourself with good people who share your passion and trust them. To start up our business we spent a number of years planning, and did research into the market that we wanted to enter. We also soft-launched products to make sure the demand was there. The greatest challenge we face is ensuring that the products meet the expectations and vision of our company – quality is paramount. Another big learn is that dogs come in many shapes and sizes, from Dachshunds to Great Danes, so ensuring testing across all the various breeds is important. Our greatest achievement was launching our flagship product. It was many years in the planning, and seeing our creation in real life and being sold in the US and UK was extremely exciting. Our plan for the future is to grow the business and brand to hopefully become one of the major dog apparel brands in the world. We already ship to our online shoppers in the US, UK and Europe, and we are thinking about expanding into the Hong Kong market. We want to continue providing high quality, rugged and sustainable adventure accessories for dogs, and maintain our vision of being a community-orientated company. When hiring staff, we always ask how do you motivate yourself to do tasks that you are not as excited about, but need to be done? The entrepreneur we most admire is Richard Branson. We admire his business values, his ability to build brand and his approach to work/ life balance. Our favourite social media platform is Instagram. It’s a great platform for us to connect with our clients, and it’s fun to see what adventures people get up to with their dogs in our gear! Our personal motto is ‘Never stop learning.’

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