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Congratulations to this year’s HLG Kart Race participants!

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The HLG Kart Race, organised by Harvey Law Group, was held on March 17, 2018 and saw participants taking part in both the Age Group Category, fit for kids aged seven to 12, and the Freestyle Category, which was open to both children and adults who raced on their own karts.

From a small community event of 20 racers in 2015, the fifth edition of the race was another huge success with 84 participants in this year’s event. HK$10,000 was donated to the Heep Hong Society.

Huge congratulations to this year’s winners!

7-year-old category: Alexandre McGuinness in first place, Jerry Shao in second place, Ian Rechten in third place

8-year-old category: Lucas Valdes-Lora in first place, James Wilkins in second place, Wai Ching Cheung in third place

9-year-old category: Maxim Gaucher in first place, Andrey Sumchenko in second place, Luca Stemmler in third place

10-year-old category: Vincent Blondeau in first place, Kyra Manaktala in second place, Zakary Rush in third place

11-year-old category: Sclayn Koster in first place, Louis Basquin in second place, Rosie Chen in third place

12-year-old category: Leo Brown in first place, Yin Cheung in second place

Fastest Freestyler: Red Rocket (driven by Louis Basquin) in first place, Silver Shark (driven by William Osburn) in second place, Black Ink (driven by Sclayn Koster) in third place

Best Kart Design: Blank Ink made by Sclayn Koster in first place, Silver Shark made by William Osburn in second place, DC Kart 3 made by students of Discovery College (supervised by teachers Michael Fraser and Mike Veilleux – the building of the karts was managed by DC students Nicole Woo and Manfred Chung, who had a team of eager students who helped build their karts ready for the race. Students involved Yang Yang Lee, Charlie Harris, Kyra Manaktala, Kai Veilleux, Laurie Leong and Akshaj Mathur) in third place

For more photos from the event, visit our photo gallery here: https://goo.gl/2oBHCX.

Photos by Evoque Portraits (www.evoqueportraits.com)

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