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Concerns raised regarding Siu Ho Wan development

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The Save Lantau Alliance (SLA) has raised renewed concerns regarding the practicality of building 14,000 new housing units on land to be reclaimed at Siu Ho Wan.

The Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) announced its initial plan for the land reclamation in January, however this has yet to go before the Legislative Council. A feasibility study for the 108-building development, which projections show would increase the local population by 37,800, is being conducted by the MTR Corporation.

Among the SLA’s concerns are the practicalities regarding infrastructure and whether the North Lantau Highway and existing public transport network will be able to cope with the resulting increase in demand.

The SLA has also raised the question as to whether the new units will be designated as public or private housing. In a statement to Life on Lantau, the SLA said, “If the new provided land is only used for private housing, it will not solve the housing problem issue in Hong Kong.”

The group is also concerned that the new buildings will create a ‘wall effect’ on the North Lantau shoreline, and says that the public was not properly consulted regarding the proposal.

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