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Looking for first-class healthcare and income protection services wherever you are in the world? Baymac provides bespoke programmes for the aviation community and now for global expats too.


Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, Baymac was founded in 2004 with the vision to protect the health and welfare of aviation families worldwide. Now with additional locations in Texas and Jamaica, the company gives its members access to a suite of bespoke health, income protection and other services. “We make our programmes available to people working in all aspects of the aviation industry, from air traf fic controllers, aviation personnel and cabin crew, to engineers and pilots. And we provide both individual and corporate memberships,” opens Daren Bayley-Hay, CEO of Baymac.

A former pilot with a law background, Daren highlights that the needs of airline staff are very specific and Baymac helps fill a long existing gap. “We are not an insurance company nor a broker. We look at the needs of our members and get insurers to understand what these are. Once you are part of Baymac, you get to enjoy a range of benefits, such as competitively discounted insurance plans,” Daren adds. As a consulting firm, Baymac collaborates with five key par tners – Clements Worldwide, VUMI Group, Stewar ts Law, Equilibrium Pensions and Flightstar Aviation Management Solutions – all of whom have a proven track record working with individuals and companies worldwide.

“We help our collaborators understand the requisites of the specific niche groups we are serving,” says Daren. “Our services are not limited to insurance. We offer pension plans to cover anybody within the aviation industry; then we have legal services too, covering everything from aviation-related matters to family law.”

Take Baymac’s Global Professional Pilot’s Group as an example. This group has access to international personal pensions, individual wealth management solutions and a number of insurance products specifically designed for pilots, including loss of income protection, health insurance, term life and personal injury.


Building on its exper tise, Baymac has widened its outreach and is currently unveiling Global Expat, a programme designed specifically for the global expatriate community. “Together, Baymac, Clements Worldwide, VUMI and more recently Tuman Global Solutions have created a suite of insurance solutions including international health plans, offering comprehensive health insurance coverage designed to meet the needs of the expat community and their families globally, as well as auto and proper ty insurance for global expats,” Daren says. In positioning itself as a ‘place of resources,’ Baymac is also in the process of launching a service which will allow its members to enjoy discounts on hotels, flights and entertainment at no extra cost. There’s also a travel review platform in the making, targeted at the specific niche groups Baymac serves.

Based on the Tripadvisor model, the site will, for example, allow pilots and cabin crew to share information about the countries they visit and the hotels they stay in. Moving into 2023, Baymac’s plans for expansion extend to locations within Europe and South America, the next areas of service to the international community and anticipated growth. Customer service remains a priority as does price point. “Our growth continues to provide us with the necessary leverage to allow clients to continue to enjoy highvalue services at a very reasonable cost,” Daren says. “The coming years will be very exciting for the industry and we are looking forward to supporting our clients in attaining their goals.”


Robin – Retired Captain, Canada

“My wife and I decided to take out the VUMIBaymac Pilot VIP Health Plan in 2018 – a safety net we hoped never to use. Unfortunately, in late 2021, my wife needed a bladder biopsy and then, in January 2022, I was diagnosed with cancer. We were so relieved to know that in both instances, the VUMI-Baymac Pilot VIP Health Plan allowed us the freedom to choose the doctor, and that the surgeries and treatments recommended were covered.

“We are so incredibly grateful to everyone at Baymac for their kindness and support. They helped us during the claims process, which was promptly dealt with, and we received the reimbursement (minus the deductible) very quickly. It was so comforting to know that we had Baymac as part of our team in our cancer battle.”


Roberto – Captain, United Arab Emirates

“I have been a Baymac member for a number of years now and I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent service provided by the Baymac Member Executives Team, VUMI and all associated partners in Brazil who provided outstanding support during an extremely difficult time when my nine-year-old son was diagnosed with leukaemia.

“Due to Baymac’s support, my son was able to get unrestricted treatment at the Sabara Children’s Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil and is on the path of recovery. Thank you all for helping to save my son’s life!”

For more on Baymac, email [email protected] or visit https://baymac.net.

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