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Baby care room launched on board DB ferry

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Travelling to and from Central with babies and infants is set to become more convenient as of Valentine’s Day, when a new Baby Care Room will be made available on Discovery Bay ferry number 5.

As of February 14, 2018, parents travelling on Discovery Bay 5 will be able to make use of the new room, which has been fitted out with baby changing and feeding facilities.

The 6.5-square-meter room, located at the back of the upper deck, has been fully refurbished and features a nappy-changing table, sofa, heater, sink with automatic tap, clothing hooks, an intercom system and other practical features.

The room will be made available to passengers on a first-come-first-served basis. Passengers wishing to use the room are advised to approach a member of the crew, and are requested to vacate it when no longer needed so as to be courteous to other passengers.

The full list of facilities in the room is as follows:

1. Heater and air-conditioning system to maintain a comfortable temperature
2. Intercom system
3. Lockable door with ‘engaged’ indicator
4. Non-slip, easy-clean floor surface
5. Sofa for use when (breast)feeding
6. Nappy changing table with raised edge and wipeable soft mat
7. Disinfectant for the nappy changing mat
8. Sink with automatic tap (hot and cold water)
9. Soap dispenser
10. Paper towel dispenser
11. Waste container with hinged cover for disposal of nappies
12. Clothing hooks
13. Exhaust fan to remove smells
14. Small side table for placing parents’ belongings
15. Safety mirror

Passengers using the room are requested to adhere to the following guidelines:

1. The Baby Care Room is for the use of passengers who need (breast)feeding and/ or nappy change facilities on board, and is available free of charge on a first-come-first-served basis. Passengers wishing to use the room should approach a member of the crew.
2. Apart from the main user and accompanying passengers, other passenger(s) are requested to refrain from staying in the Baby Care Room.
3. The stability of the vessel may be affected by sea conditions during the voyage, therefore passengers should pay extra attention when using the room.
4. Passengers are advised to lock the door while using the Baby Care Room. They are also advised to make sure no personal belongings are left behind before leaving, and to inform a crew member to lock the room afterwards.
5. Passengers are requested to keep the Baby Care Room clean and tidy at all times and to vacate the room as soon as possible after use so as to cater for other passengers who may be in need of the facilities.
6. The Baby Care Room opens five minutes after departure and closes five minutes before berthing (when the ‘arrival announcement’ is made). The journey time of a standard ferry sailing is approximately 25 minutes. Please avoid using the room when the voyage is coming to an end.
7. Baby prams must be folded before entering the Baby Care Room in order to avoid blockages and posing danger to other passengers.
8. For the sake of safety, the room maybe closed in bad weather conditions (e.g. when a tropical cyclone warning signal is in force). For enquiries about availability of the room, please approach a member of the crew.
9. In case of emergency or sickness during using of the room, passengers should press the intercom system to call for assistance.
10. For enquiries, please call the DBTSL customer service hotline between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays) on 2987 7351.

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