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A Little Bit of Trivia! Brad Pitt Quiz

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Find out how much you know about our favourite Hollywood actor-producer, starting with when he was born

1. When is Brad Pitt’s birthday?
A. December 1, 1963
B. December 18, 1963
C. December 25, 1975

2. Who does Pitt play in True Romance?
A. A stoner called Floyd
B. A newly-wed called Clarence
C. Elvis Presley

3. In which movie did Pitt get his first leading role?
A. Fight Club
B. 12 Monkeys
C. The Dark Side of the Sun

4. Who did Pitt marry in 2000?
A. Angelina Jolie
B. Gwyneth Paltrow
C. Jennifer Aniston

5. In which movie does Pitt’s character personify Death?
A. Meet Joe Black
B. Moneyball
C. Bullet Train

6. What is Pitt’s real name?
A. Bradley James Pitt
B. William Bradley Pitt
C. James Bradley Pitt

7. In The Curious Case of Benjamin Button what is unusual about Pitt’s character?
A. He ages backwards
B. He walks on water
C. He’s a vampire

8. Of the movies produced by Pitt, which was the first to win an Oscar for Best Picture?
A. The Departed
B. 12 Years a Slave
C. Moonlight

9. What is Pitt’s character’s name in the Ocean’s movies?
A. Cliff Booth
B. Rusty Ryan
C. Billy Beane

10. Which African country was one of Pitt’s children born in?
A. Namibia
B. South Africa
C. Kenya

11. In Inglourious Basterds, what is the nickname of Pitt’s character?
A. Aldo the Bear
B. Aldo the Apache
C. Aldo the Great

12. In which movie does Pitt play a cowboy hitchhiker?
A. Thelma and Louise
B. Troy
C. Seven

13. Which Guy Ritchie movie does Pitt star in?
A. The Covenant
B. Wrath of Man
C. Snatch

14. What is Pitt’s Chinese Zodiac sign?
A. Tiger
B. Rabbit
C. Dog

15. How many Oscars has Pitt won and been nominated for respectively?
A. 1 and 5
B. 2 and 7
C. 4 and 8

16. In which movie did Pitt meet Angelina Jolie?
A. Mr and Mrs Smith
B. Babylon
C. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

17. What is Pitt’s wife’s name in Legends of the Fall?
A. Isabel Two
B. Kayli
C. Susannah

18. Which Pitt movie begins with a quote from The Book of Job?
A. World War Z
B. The Tree of Life
C. Burn After Reading

19. Who is Pitt’s co-star in the upcoming Apple thriller Wolves?
A. George Clooney
B. Matt Damon
C. Tom Cruise

20. Which famous 90’s sitcom did Pitt star in for one episode?
A. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
B. Seinfeld
C. Friends

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