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The Menopause Room

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Realising that there was no avenue for women to share and discuss their menopause journey, Tung Chung resident Jane Atherton started The Menopause Room five years ago. Today, the Facebook page draws over 80,000 women from all over the world.

“It’s a safe space where women can talk freely about their symptoms and realise that there are others who are going through the same thing,” Jane says. “Knowing that you aren’t alone in what may be a very tumultuous time makes all the difference.

“We try to keep the group well balanced so it doesn’t turn into one big moan-and-groan playground,” Jane adds. “Menopause touches so many parts of our life, so we have lots of help from experts in their field, such as doctors, fashion consultants, exercise experts, nutritionists and beauty specialists. Members can post anonymously in our open group, and join our secret group for total privacy if they want to discuss sensitive issues in private.”

A clinical nutritionist, specialising in menopause diet, nutrition and lifestyle, Jane is aware that many doctors don’t fully understand menopause, leaving women with a poor diagnosis. “The more we know before the appointment, the more likely we are to get the results we want,” she says.

Jane moderates the groups very carefully and does not tolerate any hostile behaviour or abusive comments, while at the same time being mindful that the tone of text can sometimes be misinterpreted, especially when you have thousands of hormonal women all in one place!

To get in touch, visit the Menopause Facebook page or email [email protected]

Photo courtesy of Jane Atherton

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