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Zachary Williams: Body Awakening

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I own and run a medical supply company called China World China, working with European and US medical distributors, but that’s now a side line.

The idea of a home cleansing kit came to me in 2001; my wife, Jessica, and I turned this into a business in 2012, by founding Body Awakening.

The aim is to make quality detoxification products and programmes accessible to busy people, who might not have the time to book into a cleansing resort for a week. We run the whole business, believe it or not, from Mui Wo. It’s the benefit of the age we live in. Technology is such that we are able to manage our warehouse, Shanghai sales office, supply chain, retail partners, and certification and test labs all from an office that is less than five minutes from the beach.

Being based in Lantau gives us the space to focus on what really matters to our customers and our company, without getting sucked into the hustle that can exist in the business centres in Hong Kong. Lantau helps keep everything in perspective.

Being a business owner is great! It allows for a healthy level of creativity and freedom. Jessica is a certified nutritional practitioner, and we have developed a range of supplements, which complement our cleansing and detox programmes. As a company we believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, when given the right tools, and the mind’s natural desire to be happy, healthy and full of energy.

The trick in business is to keep expanding and developing. I’m inspired by the entrepreneur skateboarder Tony Hawk. Over the last 25 years, he has built a business and a brand (Birdhouse Skateboards) from a passion. I have always been inspired by small independent companies that expand one day at a time rather than relying on leverage, loans and venture capital.

For more information on Body Awakening call 8192 7636, email [email protected], or visit www.bodyawakening.net.

Image courtesy of Zachary Williams

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