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Okinawa Gan-Ryu Karate

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Sensei is an honorific term, which literally translates from the Japanese as ‘one who comes before,’ or ‘person born before another.’ A Sensei’s teachings are based on the wisdom he has gained from age and experience – and it’s a title Mark Tsang Lingkwong well deserves. Not least because he’s been teaching karate for 47 years.

Marks’ new classes in Lantau –at Mui Wo Sports Centre and in Discovery Bay – are creating quite a buzz. Kids (aged four years and up) as well as adults can sign up to learn from the master.

Mark was a fighting and boxing champion at the British Karate Open in 1997. He served in the special forces both in Hong Kong and the UK, and has worked as a bodyguard with the G4s and for the Ho Group. He now teaches full time and specialises in Okinawa Gang-Ryu Karate.

To find out more, call 9303 1153 or visit www.gojuryu-karate.net.

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