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Double-deckers for South Lantau

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New Lantau Bus Company (NLB) is considering a trial of double-decker buses in South Lantau. This comes hot on the heels of the new double-decker buses servicing the Discovery Bay to Sunny Bay route.

According to Lantau Confidential, NLB is in discussion with the Transport Department about the prospect of trialling the vehicles on the 3M route between Tung Chung and Mui Wo. The idea is to have buses in place to cope with the expected rise in population.

NLB deputy general manager Benny Chan told Lantau Confidential that the plan is still in its early stages and no timetable has yet been set. If it does go ahead, he said, it would likely be divided into two phases, first on Tung Chung Road and then on South Lantau Road.

“The use of double-deck buses can increase the capacity of carrying passengers to cope with the development in [the] Mui Wo area,” Chan told Robert Clark’s popular Lantau blog.

Image: Terry Chow

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