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Cowshed Botanicals

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Twelve-year Mui Wo resident Tammy Peters launched Cowshed Botanicals in May last year, in order to focus on what she calls “very wellness.” A fully qualified acupressure therapist and registered holistic aromatherapist, fluent in
English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Dutch, Tammy provides healing and support out of her renovated village house or at people’s homes and places of work.

“Full empowerment is my healing goal,” Tammy opens. “I focus on helping people eat, live and sleep better. Often when we go to the doctor, we are given a small piece of our health puzzle. I try and show the whole situation.” Following a far-reaching 90-minute consultation, Tammy uses acupressure and essential oils to treat a range of physical ailments from back pain to fibromyalgia, as well as emotional problems such as anxiety, insomnia, and brain fog. She also informs clients about breathing and meditation techniques. Acupressure is an alternative medicine technique similar in principle to acupuncture, but without the needles. It is based on the concept of life energy which flows through meridians in the body.

“In treatment, physical pressure by hand or elbow is applied to acupressure points, with a mix of tailor-made essential oil blends. The aim of the procedure is to clear blockages in these meridians,” Tammy explains. Married for 12 years with a stepdaughter, Tammy got into alternative medicine in 2010. “My work is a way of life for me and an extension of who I am,” she says.

To find out more, call/ WhatsApp 6172 8712 or email Tammy at [email protected]

Photo by Duey Tan

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